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Potty Train MN

We can help lighten the load of potty training.



To Train or Not To Train

Posted on August 17, 2016 at 4:35 PM


To Train or Not To Train? That’s the First Question

The first question I always get asked by parents is “Do you think my child is ready to start potty training?”
Helping parents determine if their child is ready starts with the Child Readiness Assessment.
Here are the FOUR areas we look at and a few of the specific questions we ask:

Bladder Control


  • Does your child hold their urine and release it all at one time in a large amount?
  • Does your child stay dry for many hours at a time when in a diaper?
  • Does your child stop what they are doing to urinate or have a bowel movement in their diaper?


Physical Coordination


  • Can your child walk to the toilet independently?
  • Can your child dress themselves or push pants down and pull pants up?
  • Can your child sit in one spot for at least 10 minutes?


Following Directions


  • Can your child identify their own body parts?
  • Does your child follow instructions for actions such as “stand up”, “sit down”, “come here”?
  • Does your child follow instructions such as “Put this (object) (location)” or “Bring me the (object)”?


Interest in The Potty and Independence


  • Does your child want to watch you use the toilet or help you flush?
  • Does your child talk about using the potty with you?
  • Does your child want to do things on their own?


The Child Readiness Assessment gives us a good look at your child’s readiness skills.

What if your child has most of these skills but not all?

A parent questionnaire and interview is another tool that is used to help decide if a child is ready to begin toilet training. The parent interview and questionnaire takes a look at the child’s social, emotional, and behavioral skills as well as environmental factors.

All these skill areas come into play when determining if your child and YOU are ready to begin the potty training journey.  

Still asking yourself “Is my child ready for potty training?”


Speaking to a Potty Coach may make answering this question a little easier.



Christine Hendrickson
Owner, Potty Train MN



Categories: Pre-Potty Training

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